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Health First Combo Pack

  • SNACK TOGETHER, GUILT-FREE! Made using only natural ingredients, our snacks are prepared using Rajasthan's Roasting process where food is cooked in salt with no oil/ butter, giving you the healthiest OIL-FREE munchies! Seasoned with homemade masala, the snacks are so delicious that everyone loves to binge on them.
    Here's a pack that you relish anytime anywhere; be it at work or on a trip, or just mid-day bingeing.

    Inclusions: Berries Mix (400g), Solid Soyabean (400g), Oats & Moong (160g), Seeds & Lentils (160g), Flaxseeds (160g)

    Shelf Life: 4 months
    Includes: Roasted Oil-free ready-to-eat snacks
    Shipping: Ships in 1-2 working days.

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