Omay Foods - Mix It Up Travel Kit

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Mix'it Up Travel Pack

  • It's the season of travel, and we are sure you must be heading to your favourite destination very soon! For you and your dear ones, launching the lightest, tastiest and most filling Omay Foods Travel Kits - with the best of roasted, non-fried binge-worthy snacks - packed in light easy-to-carry packs along with Instant Tea/ Coffee packs and a custom-made travel itinerary.

    Includes: Diet Chivda - with Peanuts (45g), Khatta Meetha Mix (65g), Millets & Chana - Jaggery Coated (55g), Potato Flakes - Tangy Masala (20g), Strawberry Blast - Trail Mix (160g), Solid Soyabean (160g), Barbeque Beaten Chana (200g) Instant Tea Sachet x 2, Instant Coffee Sachets x 2, Custom-Made Travel Checklist

    Shelf Life: 4 months
    Includes: Roasted Oil-free ready-to-eat snacks
    Shipping: Ships in 1-2 working days.

    To order in bulk, please message us using the WhatsApp helpline below.

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