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  • Before: Full,  Moments later: Empty

    Well, this is what happened to these munchies. We munched it all away in a blink. My friend/manager who is a fitness junkie snacked on this little jar and ended up asking me to take it away from him, else he would finish it all. None could keep their hands away from it. Special mention to the pull-seal, like a can of beer. It seemed as if it was a wake-up call to let go of the beer cans and pull-open Omay packs!

    Shilpi Kheria
    Ops & Marketing Professional, Lucknow

  • An initiative to stay healthy! 

    My brother is preparing for his 12th Boards consuming excessive junk, as binge-eating and exams go hand-in-hand. But with Omay Foods his cravings have turned to healthy munching!  It's yummy, super healthy, and great to munch on while you're under stress or simply on-the-go.

    Vartika Goyal
    Practicing Lawyer, Jaipur

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