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Looking for advice from experts on your diet plan? Look no further. 
We've curated a list of our trusted dieticians/ nutritionists from across the country who can help you to eat right and stay healthy. Get in touch with them for your diet-related queries and #getbetter.

Mahima Sethia

Mahima is a diet consultant, fitness enthusiast and a lifestyle educator. She believes that food is the most powerful and safest form of medicine. She addresses to her clients' issues through balanced food approach and by adding natural herbs to their diet. She customises "Easy To Follow - Result Driven Plans" keeping in mind person’s lifestyle, medical history, health goals, and fitness levels.

Name of the Clinic: Fitness Flu (online coach: @fitness_flu)
Specializes in: Fat loss, Weight Gain, PCOS/PCOD, Muscle Building, Skin Issues (Acne), Diabetes, GERD, Digestive, Issues(Acidity, Gas, Bloating)
City: New Delhi
Experience: 2 years
Can be contacted Via: WhatsApp, Emails, Instagram

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Geeta Bhalla

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Geeta is a certified Weight Loss Dietitian, practicing from her clinic for the last 17 years. Her diet plans include food that can be easily prepared by you, at your home, with ease.

Name of the Clinic: Dietitian Geeta Bhalla
Specializes in: Weight Loss
City: New Delhi
Experience: 17 years
Can be contacted Via: WhatsApp, Voice Call

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Ami Turakhia Shah

Ami is a Registered Dietitian under The Indian Dietetic Association, Certified Diabetes Educator and Insulin Pump Trainer. She has a strong understanding of critical concepts of nutrition which make a major impact on a person's life and health. She expertizes in ideal weight loss plans and also for any medical conditions related to lifestyle diseases.

Name of the Clinic: Diet Castle
Specializes in: Diabetes, Cardiac Care, PCOD, Weight Loss, and Weight Gain
City: Mumbai
Experience: 8 years
Can be contacted Via: Online, WhatsApp, Skype

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Mansi Padechia

Mansi is a consulting nutritionist with experience of nine years. She runs a private practice with name “Ms. Mansi Padechia Nutrition Clinic”. She specializes in therapeutic diet especially like diabetes and cardiac care along with weight management.
Mansi is a nationally recognized registered dietitian with a PG degree from SVT College in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. She has also written articles for leading magazines & newspapers like Afternoon D&C, HT brunch, Times India, B positive magazine.

Name of the Clinic: Mansi Padechia Nutrition Clinic
Specializes in: Weight loss, PCOD acidity, Bloating, Blood Pressure, Thyroid, Diabetes, Lipid Profile, Cancer, Bone Health, Osteoarthritis, Pregnancy
City: Mumbai
Experience: 9 years
Can be contacted Via: WhatsApp, Voice Call, Email, Skype call

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Sakshi Lalwani

Sakshi is a Delhi- based dietitian, nutritionist & active lifestyle expert and an independent food consultant. She bring to you a well-balanced diet that not only helps you stay fit, but also keeps you healthy in the long run.
She comes as a guide & motivator to help you achieve lifestyle changes, which will ultimately provide permanent benefits to both your inner & outer selves. She is awarded as a Rising Star in my profession by Lifestyle Magazine.

Name of the Clinic: Sakshi Lalwani Diet & Dreams (SLDD)
Specializes in: Weight loss, Diseases related Diets like PCOD, Diabetes, Thyroid, Migraine
City: New Delhi
Experience: 6 years
Can be contacted Via: WhatsApp, Voice Call, Emails

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Kamna Desai

Kamna is a well known Clinical & Therapeutic Dietitian from Mumbai. She is also a Certified Diabetes Educator with online and offline practice since the last 18 years. She was the Nutrition and Hydration expert for consecutive 2 years for the prestigious Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon during 2014-2015. She is also an avid writer on all subjects pertaining to health and nutrition and has contributed to many blogs, magazines and newspapers.

Name of the Clinic: Wellness Quotient
Specializes in: Diabetes Reversal & Management, PCOS and Hormonal Imbalance in Females, Paediatric Nutrition, Weight loss & Weight gain
City: Mumbai
Experience: 19 years
Can be contacted Via: WhatsApp, Voice Call, Email, Skype call

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