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Ginger Hazelnut Mix - with Pineapple

  • Roasted, Oil-free, ready-to-eat Trail Mix: If two is a company, four is a fabulous company – the reason pineapple and watermelon seeds have no hesitation to join the party and make it a fab four.

    All seeds & nuts in our Ginger Hazelnut are roasted in salt; made super crunchy and flavorful. Mixed with naturally dried fruits to give you a power-packed Trail Mix, this snack is full of nutrition, energy, taste and delicious. Crunchy naturally-sweetened snack to binge on anytime, anywhere guilt-free: add to your morning cereals or satiate your midnight cravings, or simply enjoy during a busy work day. 100% roasted, non-fried snack.

    Ingredients: Sun-dried Fruits (Ginger, Pineapple), Hazelnut, Watermelon Seeds.

    Shelf Life: 4 months
    Shipping: Ships in 1-2 working days

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